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To You

I want to thank the entire 217church family for your continued generosity in 2022! We enjoyed our first FULL year at our new venue, The Nottingham Ballroom. We celebrated the arrival of new families to our church, launched The Alliance Restoration Center, reignited our partnership with the Bromley section of Hamilton through Greenwood Elementary, hired a brand new Pastoral Ministry Resident; Ethan Meiers, put on our first kids camp in 5 years with Living Hope in Trenton, and introduced Emotionally Healthy Spirituality which will pave the way for our discipleship process going forward. These are just a few of many reasons we have to celebrate.

Our goal for the past 3 years has been to focus on “health” and “depth”. We have worked hard to have the leadership in place that we do today. I am so thankful for each of our ministry leaders. I am happy to report to you that our church continues to show the important marks of healthy church both practically and spiritually.

Your Pastor, staff, governing board, and elders remain deeply committed to the vision God has given us as a church. We are committed to continuing growing healthy and pursuing depth in the way we lead and shepherd. A new chapter is among us at 217church! With a new commitment to the ARC, a new focus on discipleship, and a new name coming later this year, I know the best is yet to come! I can’t wait to see what God will continue to do in us and through us in 2023.

Here’s to a fruitful year of ministry together,

Pastor Kevin Namur

Where We Are Now

The Vision and Mission

To see God Rebuild Lives One Person at a Time

Pursue God Passionately
Care for One Another Deeply
Serve the Community Relentlessly

The Executive Board

Pastor Kevin Namur**
Naml Lewis**
Adam Polhemus**
Eric Martin**
Vanessa Applegate
Fransisco Esteron**
Doug Emery

** – Elder

2022 Highlights
  • 5 Baptisms in 2022 – 303 since Launch
  • 50 kids at Kids Camp in Trenton with Living Hope Church
  • Hiring a Pastoral Resident Ethan Meiers
  • Monthly event partnerships with Street Church Ministries
  • Provided funding for Mission2535 in the DR
  • Christmas gifts provided to all Urban Promise families
  • 217youth going to Lake Champion
  • 3 Celebration Services with Living Hope Church
  • Developed a new teaching team of 4
  • 5 baby dedications
  • Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Kick-off
  • Strengthened partnerships with Street Church, Mission 2535 and Intervarsity MCCC
  • New partnership with Greenwood Elementary School
  • 220,000lbs of food distributed throughout Mercer County
  • Alliance Restoration Center serving 120+ families monthly

2022 Financial Overview


General Fund$334,914.33
Building Fund$1,374.39
Alliance Restoration Center$8,449.63


Fund Balances

General Fund$157,995.66
Money Market **$140,634.43
Investments **$99,181.93

** Restricted Funds


Financial Expenses


Financial Report - 2021 vs 2022
Operating Checking$189,769.16$157,995.66-$31,773.50
Money Market **$115, 626.92$140,634.43+$25,007.51
Investments **$112,572.61$99,181.93-$13,390.68
Total Assets$417,968.69$397,812.02-$20,156.67

** Restricted Funds

Offering Report

General Fund$318,138.99$334,914.33
Building Fund$5,475.27$1,374.39
Alliance Restoration Center$23,048.30$8,449.63

In 2023, we want to keep our focus on what God is doing in our church, our community, and our families.

Our focus’ for this year are:

A New Commitment:
Establish the Alliance Restoration Center as it’s own 501c-3 Non-Profit

A New Name:
We will rename our church ministry to a name that better represents who we are and what we value

A New Focus:
Discipleship for our church + our processes for families and helping people grow in their relationship with Jesus

Our 2023 Budget is $354,688.00
– 15% increase from $32,800 to $37,800
Missions – 0% change from $49,800 to $49,800
Staffing – 15% increase from $174,500 to $200,333
Operations – 0.3% increase from $66,550 to $66,755

Looking Forward

As I look forward to the rest of 2023 I am full of expectation for us to experience a new chapter of our story. I truly believe we have been in a season of preparation for something really special!

We are first committed to working hard to ensure that our church family is being cared for well.

We will prioritize strengthening our discipleship process to ensure that families who call our church home are growing in their relationship with Jesus at all ages and in all seasons of life.

We will center our gatherings around sound teaching of the scriptures with more open times of prayer and ministry.

We will also continue to strengthen our relationships with our ministry partners here in our community and around the globe.

We will formally establish the Alliance Restoration Center as its own non-profit organization that we run and support with the help of Living Hope Church.

We will then move forward into our 14th year of ministry under a new name that communicates who we are and what we value.

I see this as a year of stretching and a year of fruitfulness! We have prepared well for this season and I am excited to see what this year has in store!